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Threadhopping: Ask first, but the answer will usually be yes.
Backtagging: Yes, but try to keep it to within the last 2 months if you can!
Fourthwalling: Ask first
Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Nope! Any topic is good to me.

Hugs?: Yes, go right ahead!
Flirting?: Hell yes, and he will probably flirt back.
Kissing?: Sure, but he is a bit weird about kissing and may not react well to it. If you want, talk to me first before kissing happens.
Sex?: Not in the game comms. If you want to do a 'fade-to-black' in the comms and move it to a private post in a journal, I'm okay with that.
Relationships?: Yes, but that may take time to form. Shiro's got a lot of baggage regarding relationships.

Fighting?: Yes, but this comes with a twofold warning. 1) Shiro will usually try to avoid a fight and talk people down from fighting. 2) If it does come down to it, Shiro is a trained fighter. He is completely human with human limitations, but it will still be a tough fight.
Injury?: Any superficial wound is okay. Anything more long-lasting, ask first.
Death?: I am not opposed to it, but ask first.
Telepathy/Mind-reading?: There are canon shenanigans that make this difficult/impossible to do, so definitely ask first before doing this.

To contact me, either PM this journal or send me a message on plurk. My plurk name is [ profile] husbando.


Shiro is a Catholic priest (well, an Anime Catholic Priest, but yeah). Religion is complicated in his world, but he is very knowledgeable about it and will sometimes use quotes from the bible to emphasize points. I am not going to have him proselytize or try to set up a church or anything, but religion will sometimes come up in threads with him.

If you do not want me to mention religion in any threads with you, please fill out the box below for me:


May. 1st, 2014 04:47 pm
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This is an HMD post for any and all of my characters, though specifically for Shiro. Feel free to say anything here, I'm not screening comments.


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